My belly doesn’t show yet. Should I apply the lotion to prevent stretch marks?

Yes, absolutely! Our Supple Baby Lotion was created to help prepare your belly for what's coming! It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are necessary for preventing the appearance of those dreadful stretch marks!

Are the products safe for my baby and me?

Yes! LESKA was created by moms, so your safety is our first priority. Each ingredient is selected carefully and meets our highest quality standards of safety.

What should I use first -- Supple Belly Lotion or Happy Belly Oil?

We recommend using the Happy Belly Oil first, to better hydrate the skin, and to create a protective layer that helps seal in moisture.

How many times a day should I apply the Supple Belly Lotion?

At least twice a day with a gentle 1 - 2 minute massage (Three times a day is ideal to maintain best, deepest hydration for all layers of your skin.)

What’s the difference between Supple Belly Lotion & Stretch Mark Defense Belly Cream?

Glad you asked! Our stretch mark defense Stage B has some extra ingredients to moisturize more deeply, because in the last months of your pregnancy, when your belly is growing so quickly, you need extra hydration.

The consistency is also thicker (but still absorbs quickly!)

Is Supple Belly Lotion for my belly only?

Not at all! It’s perfect for all the places stretch marks might appear: belly, breasts, booty, hips, lower back, and thighs.

Can I use the lotions and creams on my breasts?

Yes! Your boobs grow a LOT during all pregnancy, and need hydration too. (But do avoid the nipple area.)

What should I use first: the lotion to prevent stretch marks or the oil to prevent itching ?

First use the oil, then the lotion. This helps the ingredients of the lotion to hydrate the layers of the skin, and it also acts as a protective layer so that moisture doesn’t evaporate.

Sometimes after I put the oil on my skin , my clothes have a weird smell .

This doesn’t happen to every woman — every pregnancy is different. But if it does, it can be caused by the hormonal changes of pregnancy, or by changes in your diet. There are also vitamins and food supplements that can alter the pH of your skin and change your usual smell.

What’s difference between Belly Cream & Belly Butter?

Both deeply moisturize dermis and epidermis (layers of your skin) to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The difference is that our Stretch Mark Defense Belly Cream is lighter and absorbs quickly, while our Stretch Mark Belly Butter is richer and more dense, making it perfect for a luxurious massage!

Can I use both Belly Cream & Belly Butter?

Yes! We (and a lot of other moms, too) love to do that! We like using the Belly Cream in the morning and the Belly Butter at night. The BELLY BUTTER is perfect for a massage while you’re talking to your baby.

What’s the difference between Stretch Mark Defense Belly Cream & Stretch Mark Defense Belly Butter?

Both provide deep humectation to the dermis and epidermis (layers of the skin) to help prevent stretch marks from appearing.

But while BELLY CREAM absorbs quickly (perfect for daytime) BELLY BUTTER is richer and contains more oil. It feels like butter on the skin (which is where it got its name, and why a lot of moms love it). It also leaves your skin feeling buttery soft -- perfect for a nighttime massage!

How many months after having my baby can I use the Firming Gel?

We know that after babies are born, mothers hardly have time to even bathe (been there, done that!)

However, the best thing for your skin is that you apply it as soon as possible after delivery and for as long as possible. The skin is an organ that has memory: immediate use makes it easier to return to its previous firmness. Try to use at least two tubes of Postpartum Firming Gel — you’ll see the results!

If I had a C - section, can I use the all - over toning Gel?

Yes! Just avoid using it on the wound, and apply it to the rest of your tummy, thighs, and hips.

Can Firming Gel and Intensive Stretch Mark Defense Cream be used after childbirth? And in what order?

Of course, in fact, it’s what we recommend! Not only do you want your skin to be firm again, but you also want it to be moisturized to produce more collagen fibers. After bathing, apply Stretch Mark Defense Belly Cream after bathing. Give it a few minutes to fully absorb, and then apply the Postpartum Firming Gel.

For best results, try to do it again at night, or as many times as you can a day.

If I’m not pregnant but have loose skin, can I use toning gel?

Yes! If it helps moms after their skin stretches, imagine what can do for you u se it and see how your skin regains its firmness!