The journey of pregnancy brought us together—not just as sisters but as co-travelers on the path of motherhood. Amid the shared excitement and anticipation, we encountered a common challenge: finding effective and safe skin care during pregnancy to prevent and treat stretch marks.

Despite numerous suggestions for herbal remedies, their safety and messiness were concerns, especially considering skin care ingredients to avoid during pregnancy.

Determined, we embarked on a mission to blend the wisdom of traditional remedies with modern dermatological science, creating pregnancy safe skin care products that mothers could trust. 

Over 15 years, our journey has been enriched by the feedback of countless moms, guiding the evolution of our offerings to meet the diverse needs and experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.

Our commitment is to support every mom in her unique journey, offering the best skin care during pregnancy. We've lived it, we understand it, and we're here to share our solutions with you, so you can embrace motherhood with confidence, knowing Leska is by your side to keep your skin strong, supple, and radiant.

"We want you to enjoy the adventure of becoming a mom, with thepeace of mind of knowing LESKA takes care of the beauty of your skin."​

Real and imperfect motherhood​

Pregnancy and motherhood are realms of unparalleled beauty, punctuated by intense emotions and physical changes—stretch marks, dry skin, and the myriad of adjustments your body undergoes. We're here with honesty and empathy, guiding you through each stage with products designed to address the best pregnancy skin care routine, helping you navigate the realities of motherhood while maintaining your skin's health and elasticity.

A tribe without borders

In the whirlwind of motherhood transformation, Leska stands as a beacon of self-care and support. Our mission transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a global community of moms united in the journey of motherhood. We offer more than just pregnancy skin care products; we offer a connection, understanding, and a shared experience, ensuring that no mother feels alone.

Our dream extends beyond borders, touching lives from the USA to Mexico with our sister brand, embodying the essence of a mother's love: boundless, nourishing, and resilient. Join us in this journey, where every mom is celebrated, supported, and equipped for the beautiful adventure of motherhood.