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Saggy skin

Remember the soft, firm skin you had before you were pregnant? ​

After you’ve had your baby, it takes 40 days for your uterus to regain its normal size. But your skin needs more time than that, and constant care. Don’t pressure yourself to snap back instantly!​

Instead, take time to be thankful that your body did something amazing—it shaped your beautiful baby! Pamper your skin, take good care of it, and give it (and yourself!) the time you need to recover from all the changes you’ve gone through.

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Why does skin get so saggy after pregnancy?

Your body has gained and lost a lot of weight in nine  months. This dramatic stretching and shrinking take a toll on your skin.​

In the later stages of pregnancy, just before childbirth, your body decreases production of the  collagen and elastic fibers that provide support and firmness to your skin.​

And to top things off, there are also significant hormonal changes that leave it feeling dry and rough.​

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your body get back to its original shape, starting with giving it constant love and care.​


To help your skin recover firmness and tone, new collagen and elastin fibers have to be formed. ​Restore All-over Toning Gel is here for you!​

Here are some tips that can help:​

Leska’s All-Over Toning Gel features natural rosemary (great for regenerating and rehydrating the fibrillar fabric that supports the skin) and other plant-based ingredients traditionally used by generations of women. We’ve blended them with safe, dermatologically-tested ingredients proven to help give elasticity to to the skin, recover its firmness, and mitigate the changes caused by the stretching. ​

To use, massage the gel into your skin in a gentle circular motion. Use anywhere you notice loss of firmness: belly, boobs, arms, hips, lower back and legs. The sooner after your baby’s birth you apply, the more effective it will be! ​

Tips from Leska​

Take baths with cold water for short periods (minimum 30 sec) to stimulate circulation and tone the tissues​.

When the doctor gives you the green light to start working out, do it! Exercise is great for toning your skin.​